Visual field testing helps determine where your peripheral vision begins and ends

If you have been asked to undergo a visual field test, it is important to understand what the test involves and how it can help in the detection and management of conditions affecting your vision.

What We Test For

Visual field testing may be required for any of the following reasons:

To detect damage to the optic nerve from conditions such as glaucoma

To monitor glaucoma

To obtain a baseline reading for future testing

To detect any issues with the visual pathway leading to the brain

To assess the visual field due to a neurological condition

How It's Conducted

The test will involve looking at a central fixation point and responding to the appearance of a brief flash of light in your peripheral vision. The test is usually conducted in a darkened room, and you will be asked to look straight ahead at a central target. As the test progresses, the examiner will record your responses to flashes of light appearing in different parts of your visual field.

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