Employees with impaired vision can be a major hazard in the workplace not only to themselves but also to fellow staff and property

At its core, occupational vision testing is about making sure that people can see well enough to do their jobs safely and efficiently. But it's not just about preventing workplace injuries; it's also about making sure employees have the right visual skills for their job, and that the workplace itself meets their needs.

Ensuring Safe and Efficient Workplaces

In order to ensure a safe and productive workplace, it’s important to have a vision screening program in place. This will help to identify employees who may be at risk for vision-related problems and provide them with the necessary resources to correct the issue. Doing so will lead to fewer workplace injuries, lower insurance premiums, and increased productivity.

Types of Occupational Vision Services

There are three levels of occupational vision services that optometrists can provide:

General optometric practice

General optometric practice includes providing routine eye examinations, prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses as needed, and offering advice on how to maintain healthy vision.

Vision consultation

Vision consultation involves assessing an employee’s specific vision requirements and making recommendations on how to best meet those needs. This may include prescribing specialised eyewear, such as computer glasses, or making changes to the workplace itself to improve vision

Eye safety consultation

Eye safety consultation focuses on preventing occupational eye injuries by assessing the hazards present in the workplace and making recommendations on how to mitigate those risks. This may include providing employees with safety eyewear, implementing safety procedures, or conducting training on how to safely work in potentially hazardous environments.

Our vision screenings take approximately 7 to 10 minutes.

This assessment is used to detect visual acuity, ocular muscle function, colour vision and ocular health.

The benefits of a vision screening program conducted every two years include:

Fewer workplace injuries and property damage.

Lower risks of headaches and fatigue, leading to increased productivity.

Improved efficiency in the workplace due to decreases in employee compensation claims
(and therefore lower insurance premiums).

Personalised service for every one of our clients.

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